The associative diving center

Why ?

Through an associative structure we have the opportunity to offer, almost free of charge, to everyone the opportunity to discover the magnificent marine life of Tenerife through scuba diving.

In this way we hope to share our love of the ocean by showing its beauty while providing something and also to inspire or even motivate young people.


“Tenerife is an important place for us, that’s why we want to invest in the future”

Like all human beings, we need to feed ourselves, which is why we also sell our services to non-residents in order to be able to feed ourselves and finance the costs of our activities offered to residents.

In this way, non-residents, when they use our services, can rejoice in knowing that part of their money is used to benefit other people. It’s the way for us to do what we love while contributing something to the local life of our precious island.

For who ?

For all Canarian residents from 8 years old. (Proof of residence to be provided)

Our values








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