The UNDERWATER documentary project

This project to make an underwater documentary is in fact the genesis of the entire project that has become Lov’Ocean.

It all started with this idea of making a magnificent documentary about the Ocean in 2 years in order to show the whole world the Love and the intimate relationship we have with the Ocean.


We can therefore say that this documentary project was the driving force and the main inspiration for what has become in barely a year a global project of life, sharing and mutual aid oriented towards discovery, education, training and raising awareness of the beauty of the underwater world.


Indeed, in addition to the documentary on which we are already working, we  created an associative diving center and we are also working on a land purchase project in order to build a small self-sufficient, independent and free community in harmony with nature in its entirety (Click to see our web page dedicated to the project).


What started with a simple underwater documentary project has become in a few months a real life project bringing hope, positive and committed.

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